The 'shield' represents the Ancient Greek concept of protection. In Greek Mythology the Aegis shield was associated with Zeus and Athena. The modern interpretation of "doing something under someone's aegis" means doing something under the protection of a powerful, knowledgeable and benevolent source. This modern interpretation fits with the brand ethos of Aegis Limited being a trustworthy company entrusted to deliver unbeatable investment administration and custodial services to its clients.
Commonly referred to as a custodial wrap account or investment platform, the Aegis service is an electronic investment administration service that is available through selected investment professionals

About Aegis

Designed and operated specifically for the New Zealand market, the Aegis service holds, administers and reports on a wide range of local and offshore investments. This enables investment professionals to manage investment portfolios more effectively for their clients.

Investment professionals access Aegis through AegisNet, a secure website enabling them and their staff to electronically create and manage portfolio records, initiate investment transactions for one or many clients at the same time, and generate client portfolio and management reports. Aegis is the investment administration service of choice for more than 90 groups of investment professionals throughout New Zealand.

A key focus of Aegis is to understand the needs of investment professionals and to build scalable solutions and services that help with investment administration. This in turn enables them to spend more time focussing on their clients and growing their businesses. The Aegis service is continually evolving through regular releases of new functionality, adding to what is already a functionally rich platform. A dedicated in-house team of business analysts and software specialists turn ideas in to reality.

Examples of developments that have enhanced the service for investment professionals and their clients over recent years include:

Bulk trading functionality

This functionality significantly reduces the administration time taken to calculate and initiate the sale and purchase of investments across a large group of clients at the same time.  Investment professionals can identify clients holding a specific investment and instruct ICSL to sell that investment and use the proceeds to buy one or more investments across  the same group of clients. They can also instruct ICSL to invest a percentage of portfolios in a specific asset. Alternatively, clients can be linked to a investment portfolio template with specified benchmarks and ranges and can 'reweight' the portfolios of clients linked to the template back to the benchmark position.

Electronic trading

Electronic trading reduces the time and paper work for investment professionals when providing ICSL with investment instructions, and reduces the time and paper work for ICSL when instructing brokers and fund managers. It also minimises the risk of instructions not being received by the intended recipients.

Foreign Investment Fund (FIF) and PIE Tax

The FIF tax changes of 2007 fundamentally changed how FIF tax is calculated. Aegis's investor tax reporting includes Fair Dividend Rate (FDR) and Comparative Value (CV) methods for calculating FIF tax, saving investors time and money when it comes to completing tax returns. The introduction of Portfolio Investment Entity (PIE) funds also changed the tax landscape for managed funds. ICSL is registered as a Portfolio Investor Proxy (PIP) meaning that PIE tax is calculated and paid by ICSL on behalf of PIE fund managers. The advantages of this is that investors get more transparency around the calculation of PIE tax and the investment professional's and Aegis fees can, if elected, be offset against PIE taxable income.

Investor online reports

Investment professionals can offer investors read only online access to portfolio data and reports around the clock. One size doesn't always fit all, so the information and reports made available can be determined for each client. Furthermore read only online access can be provided to other people associated with the portfolio such as trustees, accountants and solicitors.

Bespoke management reports

AegisNet offers various management reports online to investment professionals via AegisNet. Aegis also offers bespoke management reports that can be customised to suit the investment professional's requirements and are "pushed" to the investment professional as a CSV file. There are two types of reports; those that run to a set schedule (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly), and reports that are run on an exceptions basis only (e.g. an alert based on defined parameters). These bespoke reports are very popular amongst investment professionals and are often used to manage compliance aspects of the business.

Tailormade letters

There are many investment administration activities that are repetitive, and where the investment professional will want to confirm actions in writing to the client. To reduce the administration associated with manually generating these letters, Aegis has developed functionality that will automatically generate a letter in response to  pre-defined portfolio events. Letters are automatically sent via email to the investment professional for sending to the client. Tailormade letters can be generated for one or many clients at one time. Examples of letters include confirmation of a client change of address, confirmation of a change of bank account, and confirmation of a sale or purchase of an asset or assets.


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