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What is Aegis?

The Aegis service is an electronic investment administration service that is available to investors through selected investment professionals. It comprises two companies; Aegis Limited (Aegis) is the investment administration service, and Investment Custodial Services Limited (ICSL) is the custodian, which acts as bare trustee taking care of investments.

Designed and operated specifically for the New Zealand market, the Aegis service holds, administers and reports on a wide range of local and offshore investments. This enables investment professionals to manage investment portfolios more effectively for investors.

In short, the Aegis service provides investors with a consolidated view of their investments and the convenience of having their investments administered in one place. By having investments managed via the Aegis service, investors don't have to worry about the significant on-going paper work and administration that is associated with investing.

In total, Aegis administers $16bn across more than 19,000 investor portfolios. Aegis is the investment administration service of choice for more than 90 groups of investment professionals throughout New Zealand.

To download the FREE Aegis App on your mobile or tablet, visit either the Mac App store or Googleplay store.

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