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Why use Aegis?

Compared to investing directly, there are a number of key benefits to using Aegis - all designed to save you time and money.

Access to investments
Access a wide range of local and offshore listed investments and managed funds, some of which are only available through an investment platform. Generally, no access to wholesale managed funds.
Fees for managed funds generally at wholesale prices. Retail pricing applies, which can be considerably more expensive than wholesale pricing.
Minimum brokerage for listed investments may be overcome through aggregation with a number of investors buying or selling the same listed assets. Subject to minimum brokerage for small purchases or sales.
Brokerage generally at lower rates. Higher brokerage rates usually apply.
Purchases and sales arranged by Aegis, on electronic instruction from your investment professional. Arrange for purchases and sales yourself with each fund manager or via a broker for listed investments.
Administration paperwork received and handled by Aegis. Investment paperwork handled by you.
Aegis reconciles your investments for you. You keep track of the investments you own.
Cash distributions are applied to your Aegis Cash Account and available immediately for reinvestment. Cash distributions paid to your nominated bank account - you will need to arrange the reinvestment of these distributions.
You only need to advise Aegis of changes to portfolio details such as tax rates, postal addresses and bank accounts. You need to advise all fund managers, brokers and registries individually of changes in your portfolio details.
Daily investment updates on current prices. Update the value of your investments yourself.
Portfolio valuation and performance reporting for any investment period. Calculate your own portfolio valuation and performance.
Complete cash and asset transactions history. Maintain your own record of portfolio activity.
Progress reports on investment activity. Monitor your own investment activity.
Comprehensive tax reporting for your portfolio including details of gross taxable income, tax deducted, deductible expenses, Portfolio Investment Entity (PIE) tax and foreign investment tax calculations. Maintain your own records for preparing your tax return or have your accountant do this for you.
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